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Italy, WWII Pt1 Canopy Set - 1/72 FA0120

Italy World War II (Part 1) Clear-Vax Canopy Set

1. Macchi M.C. 202 (for Hasegawa kit)
2. Fiat G.50 (for Airfix kit)
3. Macchi M.C.200 (for RCR or Revell kit)
4. Macchi M.C.205 (for Supermodel kit)
5. Cant Z.1007 Bis (for Supermodel kit)
6. Fiat BR.20M (for Italeri kit)
7. Caproni Ca.311/313 (for Italeri kit)
8. Reggiane Re.2000 (for Supermodel kit)
9. Nardi F.N.305 (for RCR kit)
10. Breda Ba.88 (for Vami kit)
11. I.M.A.M. Ro.37/37 Bis (for Airmodel kit)
12. Reggiane Re.2005 (for Modelland kit)
13. Savoia Marchetti S.M.79 (for Airfix kit)

Shipping Location Scale Price CAD
CANADA US 1/72 $15.99

Italy, WWII Pt2 Canopy Set 1/72 - FA0123

Italy World War II (Part 2) Clear-Vax Canopy Set

1. Savoia Marchetti S.55X (for Delta kit)
2. Fiat CR.32 (for Supermodel kit)
3. Reggiane Re.2002 (for Supermodel kit)
4. Cant Z.506 (for Supermodel kit)
5. Reggiane Re.2001 (for Supermodel kit)
6. Reggiane Re.2000 (late style) (for Supermodel kit)
7. Fiat G.50 (early style) (for Airfix kit)
8. Fiat G.55 (for Supermodel or Frog/Revell kit)
9. Fiat CR.42 (for Revell kit)
10. Macchi M.C. 200 (early style) (for Revell kit)
11. I.M.A.M. Ro.43 (for Airmodel kit)
12. Caproni Ca.311/313 (stepped windscreen) (for Italeri kit)
13. Savoia Marchetti S.M.81 (for Supermodel kit)

Shipping Location Scale Price CAD
CANADA US 1/72 $15.99

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