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Caccia Notturno (Night Fighters)
Regia Aeronautica, Hungarian and Romanian - KPW48010

Decals for 4 night fighting aircraft:
(1) Messerschmitt Bf 110C-3, 235 Sq., 60 Gruppo, 41 Stormo Intercettori, spring 1943
(2) Fiat Cr 32 CN, 71 Squadrigilia, 17 Gruppo, 1 Stormo
(3) Fiat Cr 42 CN, Hungarian Kiserleti Ejszakai Vadaszszazad, Budapest,1942
(4) Messermitt Bf 110F-4 Romanian Escadrila 1 vanatoare de noapte (x-12./NJG 6)

Includes an excellent color instruction manual.

Shipping Location Scale Price, CAD
CANADA US 1/48 $16.99

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