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French and Italian Aces SPAD XIIIC.1 - 1/48 - GM05118

WWI French-built single-bay pursuit aircraft. Kit has separately molded exhaust manifolds, cockpit consists of pilot and seat, irregular ground base and mechanic figure.

Decals and painting reference for 8 aircraft:
Maj Francesco Barraca, Italian Air Force
Lt Charles Nungesser, SPA 103
Capt Georges Guynemeyer, SPA 3
Capt Rene Fonck, SPA 103
Lt Michel Coiffard, SPA 154
Lt Gilbert Sardier, CO SPA 48
Adj Jacques Ehrlich, SPA 154
Capt Armand de Torenne, SPA 12

Shipping Location Scale Price, CAD
CANADA US 1/48 $15.99

Ancient Explorers - Misc - GM03301

2 vintage mold kits of ships that are attributed with sailing to pre-Columbian America: Viking Longboat (Norse explorer Leif Ericson, 1001 AD) features 1-piece full hull with separate single-piece deck insert, single piece shield/oar banks, billowing injection-molded sail and display cradle - approximately 3.5" long. Chinese Junk (Buddhist priest Hoei-Shin, 499 AD) has 2-piece full hull with separate single-piece deck insert, 3 masts with billowing injection-molded sails, side galleries and display cradle - approximately 2.7" long.

Shipping Location Scale Price CAD
CANADA US Misc "7.99

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