FIAT G.55 Line Drawings and Reference Photos
Research by Riccardo Trotta
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1. Catalogo Nomenclatore, 1975
2. "I Caccia della Serie 5 - Fiat G55" N. Arena, STEM MUCCHI, 1976
3. Storia -"Modellismo", 1978
4. Fiat G.55, "AEROPLANO FIAT G55-Istruzioni e Norme per il montaggio, la regolazione e la manutenzione", 1943
Posted in the Stormo Forum Mon Mar 20, 2006
I should like to add some clarification about the photos: the photos showing the rear part of the airplane have been inserted to highlight the differences between the prototype and the series production aircraft, in the shape and length of the structure behind the cockpit; the photo with the torpedo highlights the faint difference between the under surface color and the color of the light mottles; this detail could suggest a firm camouflage in Verde Oliva scuro for upper surfaces and Grigio azzurro chiaro for the lower, with subsequent mottles of Grigio azzirro chiaro on the Verde, as had happened for the torpedo S79 in the Aegean sea; this camouflage is also suggested in the recent D'Amico -Valentini reference.
March, 2006
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