There were about 30 of these aeroplanes in service with the Regia Aeronautica at the time of the 1943 armistice. There were 150 in the fighter units of the ANR after that date, and they remained in service until the end of hostilities in 1945. This was the operational career of the Fiat G.55, one of the finest Italian combat aeroplanes of the war. The aeroplane was the result of the last desperate production effort of the Italian aviation industry during the war.  It was powerful, fast, and sturdy, an unbeatable interceptor at high altitude. In dog fights carried out in the north during the last year of the war, the G.55 was pitted against the best British and American aeroplanes of the time, such as Spitfires, Mustangs, Thunderbolts, and Lightnings, and proved to be no easy adversary.
Technical Data:
Fiat G.55 Serie I
Fiat S.A.
Daimler Benz 605A, 12-cylinder V, liquid-cooled, 1,475hp
38 ft 10 1/2 in (11.85 m)
30 ft 9 in (9.37 m)
12 ft 4 in (3.77 m)
8,200 lb (3,720 kg) (Loaded)
Maximum Speed:
385 mph (620 km/h) at 24,300 ft (7,400 m)
41,700 ft (12,700 m)
1,025 miles (1,650 km)
2 x 12.7mm (0.5 in) SAFAT machine guns, 3 x 20 mm cannons
Crew: 1
Special Hobby 1/48 FIAT G.55 Serie I
Series 5 Aircraft
by Guy Shepherd
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Fiat's G.55 Serie I is definitely a beautiful looking plane, and add this to a striking looking camouflage, the kit is just asking to be built. Luckily for the modeler, Special Hobby have come to the rescue. The kit is a corker and comes with a selection of resin and photo etched parts to improve an already great kit. The plastic is typical of some of the short run kits and needs a light rubbing down with 1000 grit to get the surface smooth. The fit is also as you’d expect from a short run kit. It comes without any locating pins but the major assemblies go together well and  I didn’t use any filler on the entire kit. The kit gives you the option of making the Serie 0 or the Serie I, just check your references as to the model you intend to build.

My favorite part of building any model has to be painting..  This scheme was no exception. I used several pictures as references including
Jean Barby's beautiful build on this website.  I think I read on here that the colors were a little ambiguous, so I guestimated the colors using my paint of choice, Tamiya with Lacquer thinners. I start by painting the lightest color first and then darker and so on. I eliminated any steps between the different colors by lightly rubbing the step with an old rough cloth. After all the colors were on, the camouflage looked way too stark and needed dumbing down considerably. To do this I used an armor modelers trick and used Mig Products, Tri tonal filter. Several applications of this brought about the required result. The weathering was completed with an oil of dark brown, localized in the panel lines.  I also used thinned Tamiya smoke along selected panel lines and around some details, then lastly some thinned black for the exhaust staining. All finished off with Xtracrylics flat.  The decals were all from the kit and the spares box.
November 2009
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Special Hobby 1/48 FIAT G.55
Special Hobby 1/48 FIAT G.55
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