The long and laborious work involved in the refining of the C.M.A.S.A. RS.14 delayed the aircraft's entry into active service by at least three years.   The aeroplane was originally designed in 1938 as a reconnaissance seaplane but only began reaching units when the war was well advanced. Nevertheless, the aeroplane took part in the main naval operations in the Mediterranean. The C.M.A.S.A. RS.14 was a twin-float seaplane. With a wingspan of 64 ft 1 in (19.54 m) the all-metal aircraft was powered by two 840 hp Fiat A.74 RC 38 radial engines. Defensive armament consisted of three machine guns, two on the sides and one on the back of the aeroplane. It could carry depth charges as well as bombs. A total of 152 planes were built, but only 10 survived until September 1943. Some C.M.A.S.A. RS.14s continued in service for a few years after the end of the war.
Aviation USK 1/72 FIAT C.M.A.S.A. RS.14
Italian Seaplane
by Enrico Calanchini CMPR GAVS
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Technical Specifications
C.M.A.S.A. RS.14
Costruzioni Meccaniche Aeronautiche S.A. (Fiat)
Year: 1942
Two Fiat A.74 RC 38. 14-cylinder radial, air-cooled, 840 hp each
64 ft 1 in (19.54 m)
46 ft 3 in (14.10 m)
18 ft 6 in (5.63 m)
18,700 Ib (8,470 kg) (Loaded)
Maximum speed:
242 mph (390 km/h) at 15,400 ft (4.693 m)
16,400 ft (5.000 m)
1,550 miles (2,500 km)
3 machine guns; 880 Ib (400 kg) of bombs
Crew: 4-5

Additional Images:
This is the 1/72 Aviation USK Fiat C.A.M.A.S.A. RS.14.  The kit required numerous changes to render it accurately.  The aircraft is M.M.35703, 86a Sq., 83o Gruppo R.M. based in Augusta, Sicily where it was recovered by the Allies in July 1943 during the Axis evacuation of the Island.

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