Italeri 1/48 FIAT CR.42AS
Desert Hawk

by Tom Spielberg
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Designed as an interim fighter until the Italian monoplane fighters were available in sufficient numbers, the Fiat CR.42 was a modern biplane fighter that served the Regia Aeronautica in a multitude of roles including fighter, ground attack and night fighter duties.  The Fiat CR.42 was also used by several foreign air forces who put the plane to good use and production was even resumed by the Germans in 1944.

I used for my Fiat the Eduard photo etched parts, lead wire from Plus Models for the engine and the spare sandfilter is from Italian Classic.

Bilding the cockpit was very easy, I used the PE parts from Eduard. The instrument panel was a bit too long and must be trimmed.

I used the Fiat engine from the must add lead wire for cylinders  and replace the fat push rods.

All kit areas which are covered in fabric, are quite obviously overdone. I sprayed one layer of Tamjya grey surface primer on the fabric covered areas and sanded than these areas.

I used following Gunze colors:

H-324 for the undersides,
H-73 and H-33 for the green
H-310 and Dark earth for the Nocciola chiaro.

This Fiat represents a CR-42 from 387 Squadriglia, 158 Gruppo, 50. Stormo.

Decals are a mix from Stormo, Italeri and Sky Decals.

A spezial thanks to Jean for your support!

Technical Data:
Fiat CR.42
Manufacturer: FIAT S.A.
Year: 1939
Engine: FIAT A.74 RC 38, 14-cyclinder radial, air-cooled, 870hp
31 ft 10 in (9.70 m)
27 ft 3 in (8.30 m)
10 ft 10 in (3.30 m)
5,060 lb (2,295 kg) (Loaded)
Maximum Speed:
273 mph (440 km/h) at 19,685 ft (6,000 m)
34,450 ft (10,500 m)
490 miles (785 km)
2 x 12.7mm SAFAT machine guns; 2  x 220.5 lb (100 kg) bombs

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