Hasegawa 1/72 Macchi MC. 202 Folgore
Italian Thunderbolt
by Rick Chin
This was probably the best Italian fighter of the Second World War.  It was an excellent aero plane and was used in several theaters of operation and was produced in large quantity.  More than 1,100 aircraft were built in little more than 2 years.  The prototype first took to the air on August 10, 1940 and tests showed that Italy had caught up with Britain and Germany in the field of fighter airplanes.  It was an excellent airplane and was very easy to handle.  It was also fast and reached altitude quickly.

This is the 1/72 Hasegawa MC.202.  The kit is a gem to construct, easy and straightforward and quick to assemble with no construction difficulties to report. The detail is magnificent in this scale with finely scribed recessed panel lines.  The canopy is thin and clear and easy to mask.  The model was finished in Testors enamels and I used the kit supplied decals which reacted well to setting solution.  To apply the characteristic Macchi smoke rings I used the Badger 150 with a fine needle.  The model is constructed OOB with exception of the added seat belts.  This model took numerous awards including first place in our local hobby show as well as the IMPS Edmonton show and the show in UTAH .  Highly recommended!

Technical Data:
Macchi MC.202
Manufacturer: Aeronautica Macchi S.p.A.
Daimler Benz DB 601A-1, 12-cylinder V, liquid-cooled, 1,175hp
34 ft 8 1/2 in (10.57m)
29 ft 1 in (8.85 m)
9 ft 11 1/2 in (3.02 m)
6,480 lb (2,937 kg) (Loaded)
Maximum Speed:
372 mph (600 km/h) at 18,050 ft (5,500 m)
37,700 ft (11,500 m)
475 miles (765 km)
2 x 12.7 mm SAFATs (0.5 in)
Crew: 1

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