Pacific Coast Models 1/32 Reggiane Re.2005
Series 5 Fighter
by Luca Bossi
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Considered by many the most beautiful fighter of WWII, the Reggiane Re.2005 combined great speed, maneuverability and heavy armament that could well have tilted the balance of air power in the Mediterranean.  However like so many good Italian war progammes of the time, the industrial output of these powerful machines never reached any significant numbers to have influenced the final outcome of the war.  Following the Italian Armistice, surviving aircraft were incorporated in the Luftwaffe and ANR, some purportedly having been used in the defense of the Romanian oil fields while others were reported to have been in use in the defense of Berlin during the final phases of the war.

This is the PCM 1/32 Re.2005.  Construction was straight forward.  The model represents the Re. 2005 of 362^a Squadriglia, 22^o Gruppo, 42^o Stormo at Capua airfield (Naples).  The n."2" was found wrecked at Capua.  The tail survived the war and is on display at Vigna di Valle.  The kit was built straight from the box and it was necessary to rebuild the propellers blades as well as rivets and panel lines.

Colours and Markings
The camouflage consists of the standard metropolitan scheme in "Verde Oliva Scuro 2" and Grigio Azzurro Chiaro undersides.  I used exclusively a mixture of Tamiya colours, Gunze and Humbrol. The topside green color composition was self-mixed using Tamiya paints. Note: Regarding the top side green of this aircraft, some pilots state the green was "Bel Verde Petrolio".

Tope Side Green:
  74%  X4 BLUE
  61%   X7 RED
  75%  X1 BLACK
  30%  X2 WHITE

and grey XF19 for the undersurfaces.

- Ali D'Italia n.16 - Reggiane 2005 - La Bancarella Aeronautica;
Squadron Signal in Action Series n. 177 - Reggiane Fighters.
Ali e Colori n. 6 - Caccia Reggiane - La Bancarella Aeronautica.
Technical Data:
Caproni-Reggaine Re.2005
Manufacturer: Officine Meccaniche 'Reggaine' S.p.A. (Caproni)
Year: 1943
Engine: Damiler Benz DB 605A, 12-cyclinder V, liquid-cooled, 1,475hp
36 ft 1 in (11.0 m)
28 ft 8 in (8.73 m)
10 ft 4 in (3.15 m)
7,970 lb (3,610 kg) (Loaded)
Maximum Speed:
421 mph (678 km/h) at 22,800 ft (6,949 m)
39,400 ft (12,000 m)
780 miles (1,250 km)
2 machine guns; 3 x 20mm cannons

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