FIAT CR.42 - Duxford Restoration
Photos by Chris Busbridge
Flying Legends Air Show, Duxford Airfield
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The Fighter Collections at Duxford Air Field, FIAT CR.42 is one of 72 aircarft delieverd to the Swedish Airforce, Fv. nr.2542 , marked F9 -10 (MM. 920). This aircraft was damaged while on a low flying mission in bad weather at Tarnatjakko, thirty kilometres from Kiruna, in the North of Sweden. The aircraft was being flown by conscript Corporal Pilot 'Bertil Klintman' who did not survive the accident. The damaged aircraft was subsequently recoverd by helicopter in 1983.

The project was acquired by The Fighter Collection in 1995, and since that time has been subject to a detailed and exhaustive restoration on the collections behalf in Italy and in the UK.
August, 2006
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