Inbox Review: Classic Airframes 1/48 Fiat CR.42B Biposto
by Dan Salamone
Box Art
: 4
Flashing: 4
Sprues: 5 (very fine gates for limited run)
Quality of Recessed Panel Lines: 4 (some light rescribing needed in areas)
Quality of Plastic: 4 or 5 (depending on specific sprues)
Quality of Resin Parts: 5
Quality of Photoetched Parts: 5
Instructions: 4
Brief History (Instructions): 4
Decals: 4 (quality good, lack of options not)
Suggested Color/Camo Accuracy: 5
Overall Detail: 5
Overall Accuracy: 4 (missing oil coolers only concern)
Bang-for-your-buck: 5
Kit Specs:
Catolgue No.: 499
Model: Fiat CR.42 Falco biposti
Manufacturer: Classic Airframes
List Price: $39.95 (US)
Subject Type: Fighter/Trainer
Year (kit): 2005
Scale: 1/48
Plastic Parts: 40
Resin Parts: 36
Clear Parts: 2 injection molded canopies
Photoetched/Accessories: 104 PE Parts
Target Audience: Medium Skilled - Skilled
Decals: Microscale, 1 option
Tooling: New Tooling
Panel Lines: Recessed
Weighted Tires: Yes
The instructions specific to the trainer show at least one typographical error, step 13 has the wheels and the wheel strut part numbers printed incorrectly. At this time I cannot find any other errors or omissions not covered in previous reviews.
If this version of the Falco has one drawback, it is a lack of variety when it comes to colors and markings. The only known photos show a post war aircraft in overall silver, although there may have been at least one two seat Falco used by the ANR. If this was the case, a recent discussion on Stormo! spoke of the likelihood that this aircraft would have been dark green over blue grey with typical ANR markings for trainers.

Overall, this is a very nice kit of an obscure variant of the Falco. My only concern with the kit itself is the omission of the oil cooler intake and outlets near the lower wingroot and trailing edge, which is in common with the other Falco versions Classic Airframes has released this year. That aside, these kits are accurate in outline, and have great fidelity of detail through the use of resin and photo etched parts.

Thanks to Classic Airframes for the review copy of this model.
The subject for this inbox review is the new Classic Airframes CR.42 Falco biposti, or two seat trainer. This is the sixth release in the new Classic Airframes Falco family, and this short review will concentrate on the differences between this version, and the other single seat land versions of the kit.

Quality of parts is very high for a “limited run” kit, with especially nice resin and photo etched parts. For the biposti, you get a duplicate Eduard photo etched pack that includes parts for the interior and also some external details. The modeler also receives a second injection molded windshield, which in my copy was in a small bag stapled to the main parts pouch.

Plastic parts show especially small gates at the parts, which is very helpful, especially with the wing struts. Some careful clean up will be required on the struts, but nothing unusual. The major difference between this version and the single seater is the stretched fuselage, and the fuselage sprue also includes three other parts specific to this version. The under cowl/fuselage intake, as well as the upper fuselage decking, and finally the lower fuselage ahead of the lower wing. This section will require the removal of a portion of the lower wing, which the instructions illustrate. From looking at the few known photos of a two seat Falco, and also comparing to available line drawings such as in Ali D’Italia #1, I feel confident that these new parts capture the dimensions and “essence” of the stretched fuselage.