Review: Chirs Busbridge Decals 1/32 Macchi C.205V
Black Cat Veltros
Reviewed by Gregory Jouette
The decals themselves are well printed. Registration is spot on, with the colors clear and bright. These new decals are printed by Fantasy Print Shop, and although I havenít used their decals before Iím told they are some of the best on the market today. Very easy to apply and an ultra thin carrier film that will disappear when a clear coat is applied. Best yet this excellent set was designed by our very own Maurizio Di Terlizzi and Chris Busbridge. Both members here of .

The set also includes excellent Savoy Crests and fasces. Plenty of stenciling is provided along with date plates, prop logos, personal markings, and some very nice squadron markings as well complete with serial numbers for each aircraft. An excellent colored instruction will certainly be of great use in Appling all of the marking.

One final note, this set is limited to only 120 copies (these decals are sold out at the manufacturer at the time of printing). So the supply will be running out shortly. If you havenít got a hold of this gem, you had better hurry it up.
Stormo may still have a few but failing that your best bet would be Hannantís. They have the largest remaining stock of these decals.
First Impressions :
WOW, this latest offering from Chris Busbridge really hitís the mark. Absolutely beautiful. The decal sheet provides the 1/32 scale modeler with no less than six different choices in markings. Three choices for Regia Aeronautica machines and three Co-Belligerante operated Macchi C.205ís.
May, 2009
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