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My name is Vince Tassone, my given name is Vincenzo Tassone and I'm a professional chemical engineer. I was born in Toronto, Ontario and I now live in Calgary, Alberta and I'm proudly Canadian. I studied at the University of Toronto as a Chemical Engineer and specialized in the area of Nuclear Chemical Engineering in my undergrad. I also completed a Masters degree in Optimization and Optimal Control of engineering processes and I completed a PhD at the University of Calgary in the area of Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics. During my work I have had the privilege of meeting many different people of diverse cultural backgrounds, ethnicities and religions. I've traveled to all parts of the globe including South America, Mexico, Spain, UK, USA, Switzerland, Thailand, China, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and of course Italy. This exposure has given me a great appreciation for all the peoples that makeup this 'good earth'.

I've been modeling WWII subjects for many years. I read and write extensively on history, however like so many of my generation I have an interest in WWII and in particular the Italian participation in this conflict, which I find interesting and fascinating. I think this came about because of the countless stories about family and family of friends who served in Spain, Libya and Russia. I have relatives who continue to serve in the Italian Armed Forces.

The primary goal of this site is to tell the story of the Italian participation in WWII through the eyes of its military aviation. Through modeling, history and re-enactment we ask ourselves questions that force us to dig deeper and to understand the areas of history that have been largely forgotten, misunderstood or even sometimes misrepresented. However, above all this site is about having fun, about modeling talk, history and engaging in debates and discussions about topics that are sometimes difficult to understand.

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