Special Hobby 1/48 Breda Ba.65 A.80
Ground Attack Aircraft
by Jean Barby

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The Breda 65 was derived from the Breda 64 in the early 1930s. It was the only Italian ground attack aircraft that saw active service in this role. The plane was used in the Spanish Civil where it demostrated its good qualities of speed and fire power. After service in the Spanish Civil War, the Breda 65 equipped a number of different units and in June 1940, when Italy entered the war there were 154 aircraft. During WW II the Breda 65 saw service almost exclusively on the African front.

Despite overwhelming Allied air superiority, the Ba.65 put in a good showing helping to stem the Allied advance in early 1941. The Ba.65 was an all-metal low-wing monoplane and was powered by two different engines, the 1,030 hp Fiat A.80 RC 41 (Ba.65 A.80) and the 1,000 hp Gnome-Rhone K.14 (Ba.65 K.14). Two models were built, one a single-seater and the other a two seater. The two-seater model carried a machine gun in the rear cockpit. The plane was also exported to Iraq, Chile and Portugal.


This is the Special Hobby - Breda Ba.65 - 1/48 - SO48053

Technical Specifications

Aircraft: Breda Ba.65 A80
Manufacturer: Societa Italiana Ernesto Breda
Type: Fighter Bomber
Year: 1935
Engine: Fiat A.80 RC 41, 18-cylinder radial, air-cooled, 1,030 hp
Wingspan: 39 ft 8 in (12.10 m)
Length: 31 ft 6 in (9.60 m)
Height: 10 ft 6 in (3.20 m)
Weight: 7,695 lb (3,490 kg) (Loaded)
Maximum Speed: 267 mph (430 km/h)
Ceiling: 27,230 ft (8,300 m)
Range: 342 miles (550 km)
Armament: 4 machine guns; 2,200 lb (1,000 kg) of bombs
Crew: 1

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