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River Wide, Ocean Deep
A New Perspective on Operation Sea Lion - FL0001

River Wide, Ocean Deep describes the planned German invasion of the United Kingdom in September 1940. The operation never materialized however it has since become one of the most discussed "what-if's" of the Second World War. Illustrated with 138 photos and 8 maps; 329 pages. Fred Leander.

Editors review: An objective well written insight into the likely success of Operation Sea Lion. Well researched and interesting, Fred Leander takes you on a trip from the early days of World War II through to the Battle of Britain explaining with thorough and intricate research the planned invasion of Britain. Fred Leander argues convincingly the likelihood of a successful landing and the follow-up occupation of the British mainland.

The author leaves no stone unturned in this captivating reference including lesser known stories of the Italian involvement in this campaign. Recommended reading.

"A proper look into this subject shows that they (the Italian bomber units) performed well, if not better, than their opponents' bomber units, at the time Italian pilots were good, particularly their fighter pilots. There was a great tradition of aviation in Italy ..."

"Just after Italy's entry into the war an agreement had been made between Italy and Germany that the Italian submarine force would support the German efforts in the Atlantic. This developed into one of the most successful examples of Axis cooperation ..."

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Semoventi M41 and M42 - AG0017

Italian Self-Propelled Guns. Semoventi M41 and M42. Armor PhotoGallery 17; Daniele Guglielmi. Extensive photo selections revealing all-around aspects - inside and out of 3 preserved Semoventes: M41 da 75/18 Museo Storico della Motorizazione Militare - Rome, M41 da 75/18 at Museo Oto Melara - La Spezia and M42 da 75/18 Museo dell'Aviazione - Rimini. Illustrated with 171 color photos, 38 b/w historical photos and 6 pages of scale drawings; 64 pages.

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Italian Army at War Europe - CN6520

This introduction outlines the relative merits of the Italian Army as it launched into a new war following its campaigns in Ethiopia and Spain. It must be noted that this book exclusively covers the Italian Army in Europe, North Africa is not included. Dmitriy Zgonnik has supplied various color plates that occupy a central position in this book, and these are accompanied by useful notes about uniforms and equipment. Extended captions pass on as much information as possible about Italian soldiers. Illustrated with 140 B/W photos plus 4 full color plates. Philip Jowett/Dmitriy Zgonnik. 52 pages.

Editors review: This book concentrates on the Italian involvement in the European theater during WWII with a three page overview of those campaigns including France, Greece, Yugoslavia and the USSR. The strength of this book lies in its collection of photographs, some never before seen. The text contains numerous inaccuracies and claims for instance that Mussolini insisted on sending troops to the Eastern front. Recommended to modellers for its color profiles/plates (Dmitriy Zgonnik) and new photographs.

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