Unsecure links - http and ftp

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Unsecure links - http and ftp

Post by Editor » Tue Dec 29, 2020 1:34 pm

As Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari enforce secure communications and protocols in their browsers, http and ftp links will no longer be supported on this site and the forum. Unsecure links destabilize an otherwise secure site.

Browsers will tell you if a site is secure by examining the Browser’s Address Bar and looking for a padlock next to a site’s web address.

This is an example of a secure site:


This is an example of an unsecure site:


Sites that begin with https are secure.

Sites that begin with http and ftp are unsecure.

What the “Secure” padlock tells you:
Chrome/Chromium (Image), Firefox(Image), Edge(Image), and Safari (Image) have slightly different versions of the “safe” padlock icon, but they’re all telling you the same thing: this site has received a SSL Certificate and is encrypting the data it sends you and the data you send back using HTTPS. That means anyone intercepting your traffic won’t be able to see what you’re doing on the site, which is especially important when you’re doing things like entering credit card numbers or personally identifiable information.

What happens if I accidentally enter the address of an unsecure site in my Stormo Forum post:
If the site address starts with http or ftp, the web address will be treated as text and BBCode tags such as [img] and [url] won’t work.
Vince Tassone

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