NEW BOOK: I Cavalieri Erranti (412a Squadriglia Unit History in WWII)

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NEW BOOK: I Cavalieri Erranti (412a Squadriglia Unit History in WWII)

Post by Editor » Tue Jan 16, 2024 11:26 am

This is a re-post from the one Stefano posted in the News forum for Registered Users.

Below is Stefano's new book with Alfredo Logoluso, many who know Alfredo from his many Osprey books and informative article SCW Fiat CR.32 Color and Camouflage schemes posted on this site. I Cavalieri Erranti translates to the "Knights-Errant", an aptly named book for this theater that was marked by great adventure and chivalry on both sides: on land, sea and air, from beginning to end - it is the only untarnished theater in WWII that saw Italian forces in combat with British, South African, East Indian, Kenyan, Sudanese, Nigerian, Australian, New Zealand, Belgium and Free French forces in a very tough and long campaign. Below are front and back covers of the book and a sample pdf. The book is thoroughly researched with almost 14 years of hard work put into it; the book is the authority on this subject (412a Squadriglia Unit History in WWII) from highly-regarded researchers who are by the way, the good guys on this topic.

Stefano has been with us from the beginning, he has kindly donated his time over the years, many of you know him from the top-notch support he has provided us at one point or another. If you're interested in this theater of operations please consider supporting this work and also please note an unedited-pdf of the entire book in English is provided upon request.

To order the book please contact Alfredo Logoluso directly at (click the email below):

  • 14 years of research from Italian, British, South African archives including from among pilot families and documents.
  • Hardcover, 292 pages in A4 format
  • 332 photos most of them never published before
  • 12 maps
  • 8+1 1/32 highly detailed profiles by Camillo Cordasco (Top drawings)
  • 7 pilot figures by Raffaele Ruggeri (Osprey's Men at Arms)
  • Unit badge detailed by Pierluigi Moncalvo (Araldica della Regia Aeronautica 1 & 2)
  • Text is in Italian however an unedited pdf of the entire book in English is provided upon request
  • Cost is 55 euros + S&H

I Cavalieri Erranti (Knights Errant) - Sample pdf

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