Mc 200 long shot

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Mc 200 long shot

Post by David E. Brown » Sun Oct 02, 2011 9:31 am


While on vacation last week in Virginia, I was surprised to find an illustrated parts manual for the MC 200 at a used bookstore for US$20.00. Needless to say, I purchased it as well as a few other gems. Specifically:

Ministero Dell’Aeronatica
Direzione Generale Dell Costruzioni e Delgi Approvvigionamenti
Nomenclatore del Materiale Speciale d’Areonautica
Volume 3o - Categoria 1a - Fascicolo 8 B/3

Catalogo Nomenclatore per Velivolo Cacia-Intercettore “Aer. Macchi C.200”
Con motore F.I.A.T A. 74 R.C.38
7a Serie di 50 velivoli avent Ie M.M. da 7659-7708
Aeronautica Macchi – Varese
Roma – Edizione 1941 – A. XIX

Upon close inspection, I noticed that it is missing several pages / tables (double-sided) that appear to have simplely fallen off (i.e., not removed deliberately). In order to make this a complete document, I would like to obtain scans of the missing pages if at all possible. Specifically, these pages relate to the rudder, main undercarriage / tail wheel, and aircraft controls:

Gruppo VIII: Piani di coda verticali
Pagina 40 / Tavola 40

Gruppo IX: Carrello d’atterraggio e ruota di coda
Pagina 41 / Tavola 41
Pagina 42 / Tavola 42
Pagina 43 / Tavola 43
Pagina 51 / Tavola 51
Pagina 52 / Tavola 52
Pagina 53 / Tavola 53
Pagina 54 / Tavola 54

Gruppo X: Comandi velivolo
Pagina 55 / Tavola 55

As noted above, I know that this is a long shot, but perhaps fellow enthusiasts might have some suggestions regarding persons or organizations that could help. All communications and comments most appreciated.



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