CANT 506C - WIP - V. Fiore

Post in-progress or completed model pics here
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Vincent Fiore
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CANT 506C - WIP - V. Fiore

Post by Vincent Fiore » Thu Oct 08, 2020 2:39 pm

I am in the early stages of my build of the 506C, here are a few pictures and a brief description of progress. Cutting of the wing fillets and testing to check fit.
Placed tape at the wing joint to locate where wing pins will be located on the fuselage. Because cabin windows were not aligned perfectly, used type to guide me to cut openings in a way that windows would all be at the same height. I will continue to send pictures and describe build as I proceed.


October 10, 2020
Today I installed windows and painted curtains. I proceed to glue small taps to the inner fuselage to help with alinement. With the fuselage assembled I proceeded to insert tail assembly into rear fuselage. Applied body putty to all seams, when completely cured I will sand , then check and apply more filler if and where necessary.

November 24, 2020
Progress on rigging today. Waiting to receive custom decals. Some pictures of progress as of today.

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