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STORMO! is a publisher of history and modeling related articles that cover the Italian involvement in WWII.

Instructions for contributors.

Modeling Articles:
Please send history articles and gallery submissions to:

Send text and images for publication in the STORMO! Gallery. Text for modeling articles can be either detailed or a summary. The minimum information required for an article is the model manufacturer, scale, technical data, the subject and a description of the model construction process. The article text can be part of an email, or a Word Processor file (eg. a Word Document *.doc). Text will be edited to ensure consistency with other articles published on STORMO! however the intent and meaning of the article will remain the same. Images should be attached to the email and should be in .jpg format and no wider than 768 pixels. Please note that STORMO! does not accept unsolicited product reviews, but review samples from manufacturers can be reviewed by STORMO!'s review staff.
STORMO! will not post scanned pictures from books or magazines or images from the Internet that are under Copyright. Also, pictures and text submitted to STORMO! must not be subject to Copyright by any other parties (ie., if you have been paid for written text by another publisher or website). Copyright protection for material published in books, magazines and the Internet will be enforced for articles on STORMO!
The content of STORMO! is carefully selected from the pool of available material. This material includes reviews, industry news, reference photos, model articles and model photos. Since STORMO! is an actively edited on-line modeling magazine, the decision about which material is posted will depend on a number of criteria including the following factors:

1. Timeliness of news / reviews / previews
2. Likely interest to STORMO! visitors
3. Unique aspects of the submission
4. Quality of photography
5. The number of submissions already in the queue
6. Whether the submission has already appeared on other sites
7. The amount of time required for optimizing images / editing text / formatting the article
8. The number of items posted on any given update

According to these criteria, not all submissions to STORMO! will be selected for publication.

Please use the following link as an example of article formatting: Example of a Modeling Article.

STROMO! will notify a contributor of an article that has been selected for publication and will inform the contributor of the date and time of the articles appearance in STORMO!

STORMO! does not yet pay for articles.

History Articles:
Please use the following link for an example of article formatting: Example of a History Article. The body text of the article should be in Times Roman 14pt, with the Title of the article set in Arial 20pt bold, followed by the Name of Author and/or co-authors. The Article should list all sources and references used to write and research the article. The manuscript must be submitted electronically as a Word document or text file or as a html/htm file.

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