Hasegawa 1/48 Macchi C. 202 Folgore
Italian Ace Leonardo Ferrulli
by Stéphane Sagols
This is my 1/48 Hasegawa Macchi C.202 . The model depicts one of the R.A. Macchi C.202 Serie III flown by Leonardo Ferrulli of the 91a Squadriglia, 10o Gruppo, 4o Stormo based at Fuka during October 1942.  Sottotenente Leonardo Ferrulli was killed in action on 5 July 1943 when a Spitfire shot him down. He bailed out of this damaged C.202 but was too low, his parachute failing to deploy before he hit the ground near Scordia. In the same combat mission, another of 10o Gruppo's aces was killed when Capitano Francho Lucchini was also shot down. At this time, Leonardo Ferrulli was credited with a total of 22 (or 21) victories, 1 shared destroyed and 1 probable.

The model is painted in the D2B camouflage scheme using Humbrol paints. The interior cockpit Verde Anticorrosione is Humbrol 78+34, Grigio Azzurro Chiaro 1 Humbrol 141, Verde Oliva Scuro 2 is Humbrol 30+116 and  Nocciola Chiaro 4 Humbrol 84+26+99+186. Sky Models decal sheet was used to complete the kit (48-015 Macchi MC 202).

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October, 2006
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Technical Data:
Macchi MC.202
Manufacturer: Aeronautica Macchi S.p.A.
Daimler Benz DB 601A-1, 12-cylinder V, liquid-cooled, 1,175hp
34 ft 8 1/2 in (10.57m)
29 ft 1 in (8.85 m)
9 ft 11 1/2 in (3.02 m)
6,480 lb (2,937 kg) (Loaded)
Maximum Speed:
372 mph (600 km/h) at 18,050 ft (5,500 m)
37,700 ft (11,500 m)
475 miles (765 km)
2 x 12.7 mm SAFATs (0.5 in)
Crew: 1

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